Concerts After the Pandemic

By Eva Guzman, 9th grade

At this time of the pandemic, we are finally attending concerts and big events, ultimately causing them to make a comeback and allowing us to get back into reality one step at a time. Why are concerts back if we are still living during the  pandemic? Well, the state of the pandemic has been changing and we have been progressing, so as we can see we’ve taken a bigger step with a big spectacle, we are taking the step of coming back to where we were before the pandemic and also straining to go back to big events were hundreds of people meet up to have fun. There have been slight changes in the concert’s panorama of requirements to enter it. 

New methods have been implemented to ensure that the propagation of Covid-19 doesn’t happen during concerts, since huge masses of people gather to have the time of their lives and listen to their favorite artists. Concerts are very big events in which there is a huge accumulation of people, shouting, jumping, dancing and coming together. At some point, this can become dangerous because the environment in a concert and the conditions in general are not very pleasant, since it is very hot, and people tend to take off their masks very frequently. Even though events like this are in open spaces, the propagation of Covid is probable if there is not a good management of the social distance. However, new measurements have been taken to prevent this. As an example, there was a very recent concert in the Dominican Republic: the concert of Morat, a Colombian band. This concert was on November 20th, and they were requiring the vaccination cards in order to enter. As the Dominican government established for public places, the vaccination card is mandatory for kids above 12 years old. 

As another example, the AEG music festival in the United States was also requiring vaccination proof. This also shows that we are advancing as a society with Covid-19, because if the situation continues to get worse, events like these would not have been allowed to happen again. So, it is important to respect these measures so that accidents of Covid cases do not occur and that future concerts not canceled.

Besides showing the vaccination card, we also have the option of showing a Covid-19 negative test at the entrance, giving unvaccinated fellows a chance to enjoy themselves at concerts as long as they are not infected with the virus. There, we will get our temperature measured and we will also have to sanitize our hands.

Big events such as concerts are back but slightly different, now there are more restrictions for entering them, for which we need to be vaccinated or show a current Covid-19 negative test in the entrance. Imagine huge masses of people uniting without any restrictions for Covid-19, it will be a total disaster and will make the society go back to many of the restrictions we had at the start and middle of the pandemic. It is highly important that we know how to take care of ourselves and others in this Covid situation, which is why following these protective measures is vital for years to come.


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