Facebook is getting rebranded

By Camille Garcia, 9th Grade

We all know Facebook, or we have heard of it, as it has been a part of our lives at some time. It is true that over time it has sunk a bit, as many other social networks have been prioritized by people. In this case, I’m not talking about the network that owns many other platforms, but the app itself. It was created in February 2004 and has been around for approximately 17 years. Facebook is known as a social media that allows its users to sign-up for free in order to talk with friends, and share or post pictures, videos, articles, and comments online. One of its most important founders is Mark Zuckerberg. The mentioned owner of Facebook, explained recently, why Facebook was being rebranded. Facebook has suffered many changes over time like logo and configuration changes, like any other app. Facebook also owns Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. But a change in the name has never been seen in the last 17 years. 

What Facebook really wants to achieve with this is to become a metaverse, and Facebook will no longer be the name of the company that includes all the services that the owner company has. This does not mean that the applications offered by the company will change; they will be the same. Facebook will no longer be the center, so users won’t have to use Facebook to use the rest of the services it offers. Zuckerberg announced on October 28, at the company’s annual event, Facebook Connect, that it was necessary to change the name of the company as they had a new goal and a new vision. This rebrand is not only a change in the image of the company, but it is also a change in the future of the internet. At this point, you might be wondering what is the name of the company?

Well, the new name is META. Inspired in solidifying social media, and as I mentioned earlier, inspired in the metaverse. This is a word that has been repeated many times, and since it is not a very common word, we must know what it means. What is the metaverse? Well, it can mean a lot of different things depending on the area of technology that we are talking about. In this case, it is a conceptual future that goes above and beyond, since “meta” means beyond. And this is what Facebook wants to focus on from now on. However, not a lot of people understand this concept, and Facebook, now named Meta, has received a lot of criticism from the public, and they’re trying to use evasion tactics that stop the hate that the new name has been receiving from part of the younger users. 

Mark Zuckerberg shared some words on the inauguration day of Meta: “Our goal is the same: connect with people. Our apps and their brands don’t change either. We continue to be a company that designs technology, focused on people. But now we have a new goal: to bring the metaverse to life. And we have a new name, which encompasses what we do, as well as the future that we want to help build. From now on, our main target is the metaverse, not Facebook. You will not have to use Facebook to use the rest of our services.” These words englobe the whole concept of what Meta is and how it pretends to change the vision that people have about social media. And this change doesn’t only show us if the configuration or services will change, it gives us another vision of what the company wants to transmit. Because whenever we hear the word Facebook, we just think about the functions it has and about the social media, but the fact that Facebook had not made a change for so long, to clarify what the company really wants to convey.

The logo of Meta is a blue infinite sign, so as we can see the logo changed as much as the name, and the logo symbolizes the essence of the company, with the blue tone, which is almost the same blue color of the original Facebook logo.

The main purpose of the project is to create a platform that includes all of the apps that Meta owns. This new idea, adopts a completely new ideology, to introduce to the public what the company wants to show as their identity and what they want to build from now on. This change is really good because it is important that brands and companies grow and change their objectives, in order to create more impact in society. But we must admit that the drastic change in the name will logically create negative repercussions, because after using “Facebook” as their image for 17 years, making the public call Facebook ‘’Meta’’, will be pretty hard. Besides, many think that this change was due to the fact that the brand became toxic. These changes pretend that they’re changing the “human experience”. It is important to mention that technically this human experience, which is the metaverse, that for now doesn’t really exist. It is a long-term vision and for now, the name doesn’t relate that much to the concept, because one thing is what they pretend to do, and another thing is the way that the public will perceive it since there is a probability that it is not what the public interprets.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to use this change to capture the attention of teenagers to use his platforms. There are other apps like Roblox and Discord trying to attract preteens and teenagers. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to make sure that this “metaverse” idea includes features of these apps, to attract preteens and teens. However, what is he planning to include exactly? It is not a secret for anyone that this is part of the business. Despite the fact that he’s trying to grow and evolve, we have to admit that Facebook wasn’t growing that much since they were missing the public of younger ages. Many parents around the world don’t let their children have social media, and it is a big amount of kids that use other platforms instead of social media because they still don’t have the age to have one. Mark Zuckerberg’s idea is to focus on going above and beyond social media. With his idea of the “metaverse”, the idea is creating a whole new experience that includes entertaining and communication.  It is based on something that exceeds physical reality; it is augmented reality. For example, they take as reference, games like Fortnite and Animal Crossing. Zuckerberg also affirmed that this new “metaverse” will be of great benefit to artists and creators who decide to work away from urbanity, where it is difficult to find leisure and educational alternatives. They want to develop something similar to teleportation through social networks. The metaverse planned by Meta is to use functions such as the digital economy, reinforce security and privacy, the identity of avatars, etc.

Zuckerberg promises that users will be able to do everything we can imagine. That it will be a completely different experience. There is no specific proof of this, as this has not yet come into operation. Something is what he promises and something else is what he is really going to do, but the public will be waiting to know if it will really be possible to change the vision of the company, to get more users to join the Meta family.


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