Electronic Books vs. Physical Books

By Carla López, 9th Grade

Would you prefer an e-book or an actual book? Ever since the appearance of electronic books, this question has been the main topic of discussion among people who read. Recently, physical books have had a “comeback” because many people think they are better for the mind and health, while e-books are still bought because they are more practical to carry around no matter the number of pages. Even though everyone has different opinions, both of them have benefits and disadvantages. 


Apart from being more portable, an e-book has many more advantages. You can actually store a whole library in just a little device and take it with you wherever you want. Another benefit is that you can change the letter´s font, color, size, and background color so it’s more comfortable for you to read. Electronic books are, in a way, better for the environment. 

Physical Books

Even though many people don’t like actual books because they harm the environment, they also have advantages. It is AMAZING to hold a new book, to smell it, and feel the soft pages. Normally reading a printed book encourages you more to keep going. When reading a physical book nothing interrupts you as reading an electronic one would. You won’t have to worry about advertisements or battery dying. It is also better for your eyes because it has no artificial light harming your eyes. 

A study in 2014 by the journal Library & Information Science Research showed that 143 students from 10th grade prefer e-books rather than actual books. This is because electronic books have more in common with other electronic devices teens use nowadays. 

Although they both have advantages and disadvantages, at the end of the day we can’t prove one is better than the other, it will all depend on the person reading the book. I recommend you to try reading both types of books, in that way you can decide which one you prefer or if you feel comfortable with both. 


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