What breed of dog or cat you should get based on your preferences

By: Eva Guzman, 9th Grade

When getting a dog or a cat, depending on the breed we are getting, we need to investigate how it acts and behaves. There are many breeds of cats and dogs to choose from and specific breeds might suit what we are looking for in a pet or not. This is why here we are listing the most common breeds that people acquire and their advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of person you are, while also helping you to identify what type of pet you should get depending on your personality and needs.

Dogs and cats are really different; they have different behaviors and needs. Dogs tend to be really loving and caring for their owners, and they are really dependent on their owner’s attention. Firstly, let’s talk about the behaviors of the different breeds of dogs. There are on average 390-400 types of breeds of dogs and they are all different, meaning they have different aspects, personalities, and behaviors. 

In recent days, the breeds that one mostly sees are golden retrievers, Siberian huskies, Labrador retrievers, chihuahuas, french bulldogs, german shepherds, bulldogs, beagles, rottweilers, and many more. But have you ever noticed the reasons why these are the most common breeds you can find? Well, the following points will explain why:

  • Golden Retrievers: This breed is really caring, loving and has good behavior. They tend to protect their loved ones, while bringing them happiness and a little fun in their lives. This breed is easy to take care of and they will bring laughs and smiles to your home.
  • Siberian Huskies: This breed is known for being active and having the constant need to be on a new adventure. They are suited for cold weather and always need to keep contact with the nature around them. They are imperious dogs who like to have control where they go, which are a family of wolves. 
  • Labrador Retrievers: This breed is known for being friendly, lovely, caring and really active. They love to play and to go on adventures through the water or the mountains. They are big dogs who love to play and go to discover the world around them, while having fun with everyone surrounding them.
  • Chihuahuas: This breed tends to have a long life sapam, be a little noisy and have a good behavior. They are suited for living in apartments, they are small and they have no need for high maintenance. They are easy to take care of but are really active, meaning that they will like to play and have fun.
  • French Bulldog: This breed is characterized by their personality, they have their own unique personality, being a little stubborn and feisty, but still friendly and lovely. They are only little but their temper is big. They tend to disobey orders and have a non proper behavior towards what you expect from them.
  • German Shepherds: This breed is really concerned about the protection of their loving ones. They are really watchfull, loyal and obedient. They like to keep company with their owners while watching everything around them and keeping them safe from any harm that can be done to them. 
  • Bulldogs: This breed is known for being calm, loyal and really lazy. They are happy laying down and sleeping, they have a lovely temper and tend to be the best friend of children. Their personality is characterized by them being stubborn but they are still a really good breed to have enjoyment with.  
  • Beagles: These breeds have an active personality and need attention, they are really friendly and loving. They are active and need to have fun playing on their daily basis. They need to have a daily activity so that they can have their best behavior, while staying calm and happy all day long.
  • Rottweilers: This breed is known for being protective and easy to train. They have the constant need to be on movement, while always having an activity to enjoy. They are really caring of their owners, easy to train and can’t socialize without any problem. They are characterized for being big dogs with a lot of power.  

On the other hand, cats are also an option when acquiring a pet, and there are many different breeds and types. A big difference that cats have from dogs is that they are really independent; they don’t need their owner to live and they might not be as lovely and caring for their owners as dogs. Cats are able to entertain themselves and have fun all alone, while not needing their owner to help with these activities.

Cats breeds are really varied and they all have different appearances, personalities and behaviors. In total there are 71 cat breeds, they are all unique and different. Nowadays the most common cat breeds are: exotic shorthair, ragdoll, British shorthair, Persian, Maine coon, American shorthair, Scottish fold, sphynx, abyssinian, devon rex and many more.

  • Exotic Shorthair: This breed is really sweet and compassionate towards their owners. They are known for being very spirited and for their fur coat, which is thick and soft. They are really caring of their owners, also loyal and loving of them, this is part of their unique personality. 
  • Ragdoll: This breed is really calm and friendly, they have a really good behavior and don’t tend to be really active. They enjoy keeping company to their owners, while being relaxed around their living spaces. This breed is known for being easy to train and because of their excellent behavior towards kids. 
  • British Shorthair: This breed is known for their good behavior and their thick unique fur. It has a very calm and relaxed behavior, they don’t need to be in constant activity to be happy and content on a daily basis. This breed is really easy to train and amusing to live with.
  • Persian: This breed is really loving and calm, they have a tendency to not disturb their owners, while being quiet and gentle. They are characterized by their beautiful and long fur and blue eyes. They are high maintenance because of their fur which can get into knots easily. 
  • Maine Coon: This breed is known for being one of the biggest kinds of cats, they have a really fun personality and they are gentile and really loving to their owners and people surrounding them. They are energetic, easy to train and are always behind their owners, while caring for them.
  • American Shorthair: This breed is known for their ability with children and family oriented environments. They have a really good behavior, they are gentle and have a really compassionate and good temper. They are always disposed to help their owners, as they can.
  • Scottish Fold: This breed is known for being friendly and really loving towards their owners. They are also really good convividors with other pets in the same environment. They are really playful cats and they tend to always be with their favorite person in their household. 
  • Sphynx: This breed is really rare and is mostly known as the hairless cat. They are really active, playful, fun and healthy cats while not being exposed to the outdoors normally, this is because they don’t have any fur and their skin is directly exposed to the environment. 
  • Abyssinian: This breed is easy to take care of, their appearance comes from ancient Egyptian cats. They are really lovely and loyal cats who are really curious about their surroundings. They like to play and tend to be really good around children. They will always be aware of what is happening in their surroundings and will normally participate in those activities. 
  • Devon Rex: This breed is known to be really lovely towards their owners, they are loyal and caring. They also have a disobedient behavior but are really playful. They have long ears and a one of a kind appearance. They are suited for family environments, where they can have fun and enjoy their daily basis. 

As we can observe, while choosing a breed of dog or cat we have different and unique breeds to choose from. They all have different appearances, personalities, and behaviors that we are looking for in a pet. We can find a variety of breeds to choose from based on our needs on a pet and on how much attention and care we can offer them on a daily basis. The uniqueness of a breed can suit our expectations and benefit our lives, we just need to know the variety of breeds there are to choose from.


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