How playing an instrument benefits you in aspects of your life

By: Eva Guzman, 9th Grade

Many people are musically educated in their childhood and teenage years. Many don’t like the subject because they didn’t have an option while choosing whether or not to play an instrument. They might end up taking lessons because their parents obligated them and not because they wanted to. Many will not like playing an instrument but they don’t know how practicing and playing an instrument helps in aspects of your life. The virtues that come from playing an instrument help us in bettering certain skills in which we didn’t know could be improved.

Creating and recreating music benefits us in many aspects of our lives. We can make more friends from our musical knowledge and improve our muscular agility. Our brain benefits as we use our memory, we gain more patience and knowledge, we can relieve stress from playing an instrument, and many more aspects of our lives can improve. Additionally, by playing an instrument you learn many new things you didn’t know, because music is a language for everyone. 

As we know, playing an instrument requires learning and memorizing musical notes to be able to play a song. By memorizing these musical notes you can improve your memory skills as playing an instrument requires the use of this ability. Memorizing helps the function of the brain because playing an instrument uses both the right and left sides of the brain. Music implies the use of the brain on a bigger level than the one we are used to. This will make one’s memory flourish and therefore help memorize the things we learn.

As mentioned earlier, playing an instrument makes your muscular agility better. It requires a lot of agility because of the rhythm and timing of each note on a musical piece. Without muscular agility, a musical piece wouldn’t be done correctly because while playing an instrument we need to learn how to move our hands and fingers. Our agility is improved and we learn to move our muscles with the velocity and technique needed.

Learning new things always helps us daily even though we don’t notice it. Learning music is an advantage because we can do things that help us relax and have a good time. While playing an instrument, we acquire new knowledge. Music is like a language in which we have different writings and different ways of expressing ourselves. We learn how to write musical notes and how to read them to later express them as musical pieces on an instrument or through a group of instruments. 

We acquire patience while playing an instrument and we learn to be patient when touching a musical piece on an instrument. We have to be patient to follow the timing and rhythm of each musical piece because if we don’t, the way we touch the piece would be altered and wouldn’t be correctly played. 

By this, we can let go of our stress while being concentrated on the music we are playing and on the way we are playing it. The sound of what we are playing helps us control our emotions and even feel some of them, depending on what we hear. Calmness is acquired while hearing or playing a song because if we aren’t calm it can affect the way we play our instrument. 

We need to point out that music doesn’t only help our brain, muscles, and emotions but it also helps us in our social lives. How can playing an instrument help in our social life? Well, we need to point out that playing an instrument means that we have more opportunities in our lives, we can make friends in our music class and even out of the classroom. Many people can associate their interests in music and later become friends who help each other, even by sharing knowledge and playing pieces and songs. 

Also, playing an instrument can give us job and educational opportunities. We can attend universities using our musical talents and expand our knowledge to further our chances for job offers. Our gained knowledge will help make our careers more easy and fun.

In conclusion, playing an instrument helps us in aspects of our lives because of the many things mentioned in these articles. Playing an instrument has a positive impact on our lives and on our general way of living. We will obtain countless benefits that will help us in many different ways. It is good to know these advantages because we can make the most out of them and create new opportunities while continuing to acquire knowledge in our lives.


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