How not having assigned classrooms annoyed teachers

By: Carla López, 9th Grade

In the first two weeks, everything that had to do with our assigned classrooms for each class was okay. But since last week, the school has been changing our class schedules and classrooms constantly. Us students aren’t the only ones who have been struggling with this – teachers have been angry with all these changes because it’s not only tiring having to move from one place to another but also because of the loss of class time. Therefore, I interviewed my Spanish teacher, Fidanyela Riera, to get a closer perspective.

I: How many times a day do you change classrooms? 

A: Between 4 and 6.

I: Have students been late to class because they don´t know where it is?

A: Yes, several times. 

I: Have you been late because of not knowing what classroom you needed to be in? 

A: Not because of not knowing where but because the classroom is far from where I am. 

I: Does it bother you having to go up and down, changing buildings? 

A: Obviously. 

I: How much time of class do you lose because you or the students are lost?

A: Between 5 to 10 minutes. 

I: Have there been cases in which a student doesn’t get to class? 

A: Yes, like two or three times. 

I: Before all these changes did you have an assigned classroom or at least did you change from classroom less times?

A: Yes.

I: Have you complained about this situation?

A: Yes and they have listened to me but they haven’t done anything yet. 

We can tell how confusing this situation can be for everyone. Students not arriving to class because they don’t know where it is and teachers losing class time for the exact same reason can´t continue happening. It is very tiring having to walk a lot from one building to another and then realizing you´re in the wrong place. 

We are conscious we need to always be changing from place to place but being in the wrong place after walking a lot is really frustrating. Losing 10 minutes of class can really affect it because students normally arrive laughing and talking and it takes a while for them to calm down. So there’s 5 more minutes of class lost. When a student doesn’t get to class they can either be punished because of not being in their class or losing an explanation of an important topic. 

Unfortunately, all we can do about this is get used to it, principals are the ones making these changes and they do have a reason for it. I´m pretty sure not only teachers but also students have complained about this. But as the interviewed teacher said, they haven’t done anything to make the situation better. 

We hope soon everything will be in order again and neither teachers nor students get lost and everyone has their classrooms assigned.

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