​​Devious Licks

By: Maria Feliz, 9th Grade

If you have been on social media recently you might have heard of a new “challenge” going around. We thought the peak of teenage irresponsibility on social media was the tide pod challenge, but they just keep topping themselves.

Currently, stealing school supplies is what’s up, with this new trend called the “devious lick” challenge. The name comes from a “lick”, which is defined by the Urban Dictionary to be a successful theft, and devious, which is used to highlight the “coolness” of the act.

It all started on September 1st when a TikToker by the name of jugg4elias posted a video where a box of disposable masks was visible. They claimed to have stolen it from their school. After this video came out, hundreds of others followed, varying in what object they stole, and what name they used. The harder it is to steal an object, and the bigger the object is, the worse the lick is, ranging from “devious,” all the way to “mephistophelean,” which is the worst type of lick.

Some of the most mephistophelean examples are:

  • You’ve heard about people stealing soap from the bathroom, but have you ever heard of someone stealing the whole dispenser? The targeting of bathroom supplies isn’t uncommon, so much so that some schools have been forced to close their bathrooms.
  • User dtx.2cent calls his lick a scandalous one, and they are quite on point with this description. In their video, this person reveals they have stolen a whole computer monitor. Another user called carlorossi0 hit a lick on a CPU. These two seem very in sync.
  • If you have heard the stereotypical “Oh, I lost my car keys!” you might want to check this video out. Sug2guy posted a video on their page opening a backpack inside their car. Inside of it, we can see more than ten stolen car keys. 

Schools are starting to take more severe measures. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools say that students who are found to have taken part in this trend will be severely punished, and may even get criminally charged. TikTok itself has banned the devious lick tag from the platform since it violated the app’s guidelines.

Fortunately, a counter-trend has started to become popular. These are the angelic yields, and it is when a person returns their stolen supplies. Though those sinks will never be the same, and that soap is gone forever, it’s the intention that matters, even if the intention is to get more views,  not to restore the stolen things.

Anyhow, don’t be a devious licker, be an angelic yielder.


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