There Should be More Cashiers in The Cafeteria

By: Duane Bollig, 9th Grade

In the current state, there are two cashiers total in the cafeteria – one for physical money and one for digital money. These two cashiers have been the only ones present for the school year so far, and they attend all of the school population, which at times like recess and after-school, has caused a lot of congestion.

Coming from a student who uses the cafeteria every day in recess and after school, the lines can be quite busy. In recess, especially, when all high schoolers go out to the cafeteria, you can easily spend up to 20 minutes waiting in line for chips or a soda. Even after school, when I have extracurricular activities at school, I usually have a short amount of time to eat, which sometimes has me just skipping meals when there’s a very long line. So in order to find out what can be done, I interviewed the two cashiers, Mrs. Wanda, and Mrs. Martina, to get their view on the situation and what should be done in regards to it.

My interview was based on three questions: the situation in the cafeteria, what should be done regarding the situation, and if there should be more cashiers. When I interviewed Mrs. Wanda, she responded that the general problem in the cafeteria is the organization, as students expect to show up and get what they want, when that shouldn’t be the case. As a solution, she proposed that there should be more organization and respect between students and the cashiers. For the last question, Mrs. Wanda responded that there should be at least three cashiers, so there isn’t too much congestion. Mrs. Martina responded with a different view. She believes that the issue is based around the students as well, but there are too few cashiers to the point that lines can be very long and congested. She simply proposed that there should be more cashiers in the cafeteria.

In conclusion, the congestion issues in the cafeteria apply to both students and staff, where students can’t get their food when they wish to, and the staff feels overwhelmed by all the students showing up at times like recess and after-school.

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