The implementation of new classes and the removal of arts in high school

By: Camille García, 9th Grade

For this new school year, high school students of 9th grade had gone through many changes. Freshman year is never easy; it is a new stage in our lives. It is the first year of high school, full of changes and new experiences and for us New Horizons students it is no exception. We just got out of middle school, a stage in which we spent a long period of time developing both artistic and academic proficiencies, which gave us the freedom to express ourselves through art or music. Art and music were always classes that were present in our school life, and to our surprise, these no longer exist in high school.

It is true that in high school we should focus more on academics because we already have to start thinking about our future in college. However, it should also be a time in which we should be able to have art classes that help us relax, free ourselves, and above all, express ourselves. These classes are not so relevant to our future lives because not all of us like the arts. However, it is a way to expand our interests, and at least once a week have classes that bring us less stress.

In school there are electives – they are extracurricular activities that we can choose to expand our interests. Not all of them are artistic but we have many options to choose from, such as art, choir, astronomy clubs, robotics, mathematics, ecology, debate, MUN Club, nutrition, journalism, photography, cinema, among others. Although we have these activities, which can help us find other interesting alternatives that can add us to our CV, many of us lean towards other areas and cannot take the art electives. So automatically when we enter high school, the arts are eliminated from our lives for many of us.

The arts have so many benefits. It helps develop creativity, critical thinking, and precision. It also gives us the tools to be able to identify visual concepts, it helps us to be original, and to follow our instincts. There are many artistic elements that have helped us with the design of presentations and works for other subjects. Every time we were assigned an art project they gave us the guidelines to do it but we had the freedom to be original and think bigger to identify our style. So thinking big also helps us in other subjects to go above and beyond, think outside of the box when doing any assignment. 

Art classes benefited us in many different ways, so I don’t think it is necessary for these classes to be eliminated. Many of us might think that having fewer classes would be less stressful but the truth is that these classes were not the root of our stress; instead, it was more of a way to express ourselves.

The implementation of financial education and human relations.

By implementing these two classes the situation changes a bit. The question arises: which is better – financial education and human relations, or art and music? There can be many different opinions on this because we all have different interests. These are classes that are more in line with what high school is and the things we should learn for the future. However, last week, the human relations class was removed and now we only have one new class – financial education. This is a very interesting class that teaches us how to handle money. But what about the arts? They are essential regardless of the age and school stage that we are living in. The school should bring back arts for high school.

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