Faulty Internet in The School

By: Duane Bollig, 9th Grade

At Colegio Biling├╝e New Horizons, the internet is and always has been a crucial part of our school system, because online resources like Moodle, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace all account to our learning process, which includes learning, working on assignments, and turning them in. With the school promoting students to shift towards a more online environment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, that means the internet should be able to handle all of the constant activity, which is not always the case. I conducted a survey based on the high schools and teachers’ experience with the school internet that collected 50 responses.

According to the survey, students use the internet for Google workspace, which includes Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, and research for assignments. 76% of students and teachers had issues with the internet, 8% had no issues, and 16% couldn’t access the internet, which means for every person that used the internet with no issues, 2 had no access at all. 

Problems encountered by students with the internet include the inability to finish work, look at the schedule, submit assignments, and look at youtube videos assigned by teachers. When it comes to teachers, 83% of them have their schedule affected while 17% do not, and the problems for teachers include delayed exams, and not being able to teach or expand on the topics given.

96% of all respondents answered that the internet here at the school should be improved on, and for every problem, there must be a solution, so I also asked what a solution for this problem would look like, in which the most common answers included better accessibility throughout all buildings, more bandwidth and routers, better signal, and more diversion from the funds into the internet.

Finally, the school needs better internet, not for the enjoyment of students but because it’s an obligation. Since nearly all our school material is worked on online, the internet needs to be better.

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