The Benefits of Homeroom

Camille Garcia, 9th grade 

For most of us students, homeroom is useless. It’s something tedious and unnecessary. This is a period of 10-15 minutes in which students meet before starting classes in the morning, to discuss different school-related topics or take attendance. But the issue here is, is it really necessary? And there is no certain or solid answer to it. Many students and teachers think it’s necessary and others think it’s not. “What is the point of submitting ourselves to unnecessary pressure to get to homeroom, if we are only going to be there for 10 minutes, doing nothing?” many will say. And this is understandable, because many students just sit down, say present, and go about their day normally. 

If we look at it from this perspective, it really may sound like something very unnecessary to students. However, even though it seems useless, it has a lot of good aspects that most of us don’t think about. First of all, homeroom gives students the opportunity to have a good start to the morning. It would be very stressful having to start our classes without a time to prepare before them. In homeroom you can ask questions about things you don’t understand. It’s a time in which you can prepare physically and mentally for a long and complicated day of classes. You can review your schedule, mentally relocate, and start your day with energy, positivity, and organization. 

We talked about how most students see it, but how do teachers see it? For teachers, homeroom can be a very rewarding time. It depends on how the teachers use homeroom time. Because if they don’t use it correctly they can take time away from students from their other classes, and others just don’t use the time in homeroom, which means that there are teachers who make homeroom a moment of silence and uselessness. The case has occurred in which teachers do absolutely nothing in homeroom. It all depends on how seriously schools take homeroom to truly create a positive impact. At New Horizons, homeroom is a very positive space. The vast majority of teachers take attendance, make important announcements, give students time to socialize, ask questions, etc. It’s a significant space for students to prepare for their intense day of classes. 

A great example of a teacher using homeroom correctly in New Horizons is Mr. Emmanuel Garcia. He is a 7th-11th grade math teacher. He tries to make homeroom a very profitable space. He asks students questions about different subjects related to mathematics, since currently young people are very against this subject. Aside from taking attendance and making announcements, he talks to students about very important topics that can generally help them a lot in school. To reach these conclusions, I spoke with several students about homeroom and what their experience has been like. 

One of them, Eva Guzmán from 9th grade said that Professor Emmanuel currently talks to her class about the fallacies and how important it is to know how to argue. “He did an

interactive activity, assigning each of us a fallacy to talk a bit about it in class, and personally I think this was very positive because now I know what a fallacy is and this will help me not to incur them in the future. Homeroom can be very positive if used properly.” 

I also asked another 9th grade student, Yanibel Hernandez about this and she said: “Homeroom can be important and not be important at the same time. But if we see it from an organizational perspective, it can be important. Homeroom can help you locate yourself well, it is a period before classes and personally it gives me a lot of peace to know that I do not have to enter classes all at once.” 

I asked the same question to Professor Emmanuel Garcia. I asked if he considers homeroom important. He said that homeroom is a very important space for students and that from his point of view, it is very positive. He expressed that as a mathematics teacher, he must follow a class program, and that he cannot always touch on certain topics in class. However, in homeroom, he feels more at liberty conversing with his students and creating an effective interaction, so that they are not bored either and that they always leave homeroom reflecting. 

So, as we can see, for many students and also teachers, homeroom is important, seeing it from different perspectives. Just as there are students who think that homeroom has its benefits, there are others who do not, and this is respectable. Just as everything has something good, it can also have something bad, and this is also the case of homeroom. However, in the opinion of many, homeroom is an educational space with many advantages that not only helps reduce the stress that school brings, but also allows us to stay prepared and organized for a big school day. 


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  1. Excelent Camille, agree with your reasoning, thigs in life are positive or negative depending the use you personally do of it. Congrats.,., and encourage you to continue writing….

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