Getting to Know the Teachers: Rosario De León

By: Raul Sosa, 10th Grade

Rosario de León, or better known as teacher Rosario, teaches English, literature, and drama classes to students from 9th to 12th grade. Many people know her but don’t know her as much as they think they do. 

As a kid, she had to go through 2 major surgeries. First, she got her tonsils removed when she was 4 years old. When she was 6, she had an operation in which she had to have her head cut open in 3 places in addition to a cast placed on her neck.  

For 6 months she was in a coma, just to get her neck and back opened later on. This was due to an accident in which she got hit by a drunk motorcycle driver. 

Between operations, she was hospitalized for a total of two years. Plus, she had to go through a year of therapy. She still has scars nowadays from that accident. “Having gone through that experience gives me a different perspective of life.” Furthermore, she had to repeat the 3rd grade all over again. Rosario states that the hospitalization she had to go through made it easier to contend with the current pandemic that we find ourselves at the moment.

When she got to the age of 15-16, she claims to have been a rebellious kid. “When I became a teenager I was just like, screw it! No was yes, and when they said yes I didn’t feel like doing it anymore.” The reason for being so defiant towards her parents was because, after the accident, her parents were very overprotective of her which she found upsetting. 

At the time she turned 18, her life went even crazier. She started smoking (please don’t do it), drinking, and doing stuff that no one else in her family did. She became the black sheep and regrets nothing of it. She eventually did stop doing all of this because she realized that she was hurting herself.

For 38 years, Rosario has always taught other people even as a part-time job. The person who motivated her to become a teacher was someone named Mr. Patrick Hall who was her teacher in the second semester. “He took the time to know me, the person. Not just the student. And he was a big influence on me becoming a teacher.” Rosario studied sociology and social physiology at Montgomery College and has no masters. She then studied here at Intec and became the AP English Language and Composition teacher that we know today. 

Teacher Rosario got divorced because her relationship didn’t work. Regardless, she is the proud mother of two independent girls: Britney who is in the military in Georgia who works for Apple and is going to do a specialty in technology, and Katherine who founded a company called “Jompeame” to help out those in need. 

Rosario joined the New Horizons family on August 24th of 2016 as a teacher. As you can see, she has a really good memory. In her free time, Rosario likes to listen to music ranging from classical, jazz, blues, rock n’ roll, etc. She also likes to read books, news, and poems.

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