Sororities in this Quasi-Chauvinistic World

By: Sydney Joa, 10th Grade

Sororities have become a somewhat ordinary aspect of what can be perceived as part of the standard American college education. While not everyone necessarily partakes in it nor agrees with many of its goings-on, joining sororities gives college students a way to tap into their campus life, socialize, and create relationships that can last a lifetime. It gives women a group of “sisters” who can always be counted on to have their backs in this world infused with sexism and harassment. 

Defined, sororities are “societies for female students in college or university.” While the presence of Greek life isn’t exclusive to the United States, it’s certainly the most prominent in this country, with its particular take on sororities making many appearances in the film industry. It’s a community of people that you join as you enter college and advance through your semesters, and where you learn lessons and create memories that you’ll cherish for life. When you’re recruited, you get a chance to meet and know your sisters and understand the values and history that your sorority holds. In time, you’ll come to discover what that sorority means to you. Most can agree that throughout the years, you’ll create a new-found family that supports you from the beginning of your college days and throughout the steps you take as you enter adulthood. 

It is important to establish these relationships, especially in college, and for women to stand together if we hope to create a future where we aren’t discriminated against because of our gender. Especially in male-dominated fields, like STEM, society likes to demean and harass women, telling them that they aren’t smart enough to be studying the major they’re pursuing, that they’re too weak. This, in turn, drives women out of these fields and helps uphold that misogynistic stigma of male superiority on certain career choices. 

In the world that we live in, where it is normal to get cat-called on the streets and get told that the clothes you wear can determine whether or not you are “asking” to get raped, it is a comforting prospect to know that this group of sisters is looking out for you. Whether it is because your hobbies aren’t common and get belittled for it or because society simply enjoys devaluing and ridiculing everything that you enjoy doing, it is great to know that you can come home to this new-found family and are able to appreciate this group of girls who respect your values the same way that you respect theirs. 

Regardless, sororities are not perfect nor are they this established utopia community where everyone is kind to each other. There’s certainly some toxicity that may come with said environment. But as sororities start to become more inclusive, you will find that this is a sisterhood of women that will motivate you to be more hard-working, loving, and self-assured. When you’re down, they’ll be there for you and they’ll push you to be more confident in your values and inspire you to expand your abilities. There are no limits on what sorority life has to offer and you’ll be creating lifelong friendships along the way.

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