Brooklyn Nets: Will they work together?

By: Roque Rodríguez, 9th Grade

The Brooklyn Nets have assembled 3 of the best basketball players in the same team but although it sounds fascinating it also may cause some problems because of the players’ attitude and what they had to sacrifice to trade for James Harden.

In the past off-season, the Brooklyn Nets were able to get Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving but due to injuries, they didn’t play the season and the playoffs. This season, however, they were able to get another super start – James Harden – who is considered one of the best scorers in NBA history. After the trade, many analysts doubted this decision by Brooklyn because of Harden’s attitude in his last team. He skipped practice to go to a party and lied about it. This, however, is not uncommon of Harden. An ex-teammate of his – Kendrick Perkins – said that in 2012 during the NBA finals, in Miami, they were supposed to be preparing for a game, but instead, James went out to party at a club. Many say this is a reason why they lost that game.

Another player that has been displaying a bad attitude and may cause issues when it comes to the chemistry of the team is Kyrie Irving. Irving is a strange cat, with a different outlook on life and perhaps testy relationships with the media, but his leadership and attitude haven’t been the only problems. This year, the Nets are having a decent start but something that is really clear is that they can score the ball, and it seems that sharing the ball isn’t a problem. They have a 122.6 offensive rate since the Harden trade which is the best in the league and in history, but many analysts have noticed that because of the James Harden trade, they have a 119.9 defensive rating which is the worst in the league and history. They have worse defense than the Washington Wizards which are struggling a lot this season. Because of the terrible defense of the Nets, many people are doubting if they can win a championship this year. If you compared the reigning champion Los Angles Lakers to the Brooklyn Nets, the Lakers will most likely win because of their defense, and because of the terrible defense of the Nets, they would be able to stop Anthony Davis or Lebron James.

Here in the Dominican Republic, the Brooklyn Nets fans had a surprising reaction to the trade because three of the best players had teamed up, and also, they are the players that Dominican kids look up to. In my opinion, I don’t think this team will be able to win a championship because compared to their biggest threat the Los Angeles Laker statistically they lose under any circumstances. Unless the Brooklyn Nests sign players that can play better defense I don’t think they will able to win it all.

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