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By: Danilo Díaz, 10th Grade

Animals have become an integral part of a household now. Pets are comforting companions. They keep us healthy, relieve stress, play with us, and show us their love and affection, or at least most pets do. In most cases, they keep us from being lonely, which is why most people keep or buy pets.  

But have you ever wondered what pet is better for you? A good example is the are you a cat or dog person question. Studies showed that depending on your nature and other factors, one may like an animal more than another.  

For example, studies show that people who consider themselves dog people are usually more energetic and outgoing. These are different from cat people who prefer solitude. A cat person is also more likely to live alone, while a dog person tends to live with a partner or other family members. A dog person also tends to be more self-confident, forceful, assertive, and overall more dominant than a cat person. A dog person also would follow the rules more closely than a cat person.  

On the other hand, a cat person tends to be smarter than a dog person, scoring a higher score in intelligence tests and overall having more intellect than a dog lover. This may be a factor when deciding an owner’s preference since they may not have time to care for a dog, so they prefer cats. 

Where you live can be a factor in your preference; a cat person is twice as likely to live in an apartment. This preference is bound to happen because it’s easier to accommodate a cat than a dog in an apartment. The same is for dog lovers who tend to live in bigger houses or households that can accommodate dogs who are outgoing and excitable. 

Politics is also a factor. A dog lover is 50% more conservative than a cat person, while a cat person is 50% more liberal than a dog person. A cat lover is also 11% more open-minded than a dog person. But a cat person is still 12% more neurotic and more easily stressed than a dog person. So overall, dog lovers are more confident and have more social skills than cat lovers. But cat lovers are usually smarter and are more open-minded, which enables them to make more rational decisions than dog lovers.  

But dogs are the best type of companions and pets in general. In the world, statistically, there are more dog lovers than there are cat lovers. To be more exact, 77 million people consider themselves a dog person, while 54 million people consider themselves a cat person. Most people even prefer cats not because they’re better than dogs but because they’re less time-consuming than dogs. By this statistic, we can say that dogs are better than cats. But again, it all depends more on your preference and liking, not just what most people prefer. It is your preference, after all, and you shouldn’t care what people think. 

But now there are also other types of animals. Here is a list of common animals that people buy and the personality those people usually have: 

  • Fish: People who own fish are the most likely to be the most content of the bunch. They’re also the calmest and emotionally stable of all other owners. 
  • Rabbit: People who own a rabbit are warm and sympathetic and are most likely to be open to new experiences. 
  • Bird: People who own birds are polite, educated, and caring compared to most other owners. 
  • Hamster: People who own hamsters tend to be smart and hardworking. They also tend to have more advanced degrees than most other animal owners. 
  • Snake: People who own snakes are relaxed and tend to pursue new experiences with intense emotional sensations. They’re also unpredictable and unconventional people. 
  • Turtle: People who own a turtle are reliable, tend to follow rational solutions, and are very hardworking. These tend to make them goal-oriented and competitive people. 

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