How to make your classes more fun, a guide.

Carlota Montás 9th grade Journalist

We are all struggling with several things nowadays, but we need to stick with the reality we have at the moment. At times, with the online classes, students can get bored with the content a teacher is providing, and they may even stop paying attention. In this article, I will be providing an open letter for teachers so that they can make their classes more fun and entertaining for the students.

  1. Ask the students what things they are more comfortable doing. When teachers do this, students are more likely to feel more connected with the content provided because they will be asked for their opinion so that they can have a better and more successful class.
  2. Make kahoots or quizizz. These are game-based learning platforms. It is used to create short quizzes that students utilize to learn class content and to see how much they know about a certain topic. These platforms focus on students’ quick thinking and push them to do their best on every question that comes up. Many students enjoy these platforms because they are fun and innovative ways of taking short
    quizzes and learning new things.
  3. Videos. Visuals are very important for a student’s understanding, so these may become very handy and important in certain situations. Videos provide very useful information students can use not only in
    their classes but in their day to day life too. Some educational youtube channels are TED-Ed, TEDx Talks, Vox, Crash Course, Kurzgesagt, and many more.
  4. Presentations. These resources are a fun way of presenting a big amount of information to the students while also providing visuals, images, or even videos. Some platforms for creating interesting and dynamic presentations may be Canva and Powerpoint. Other ways of providing information in fun ways may be through posters and infographics. Another platform that can be used is Picmonkey.
  5. Comics. Teachers may assign students to do several types of work, including essays and presentations, but at times, this may become boring for students. An enjoyable activity for students may be making comics in order to tell a story or to talk about a person’s life. A useful platform that can be used for this may be Storyboard That.
  6. Paint Murals. When a certain topic is discussed in class, students can make murals or drawings about that topic, so that they can be able to express their ideas about it with paintings. This would be a fun and
    interesting way of expressing an individual’s perspective towards a specific topic.
  7. Debates. Creating debates is a good way of discussing a topic while viewing and understanding every student’s perspective. While creating debates, this can allow students to participate while expressing their opinion about an interesting topic talked in class.
  8. Teamwork. Creating activities in groups can be fun and beneficial for the students. With this type of activity, they can be able to get closer to a friend or they can learn how to work with new people. This will
    improve their social skills and it will make them have more patience. This won’t only benefit the students in the class, but it will also benefit them in their daily life because eventually, they will have to learn how to deal with different types of people.
  9. These are a few ways of making class more fun for students, but there are endless ways of doing it too.
    You just have to be creative so that students can be able to engage more with your class.



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