The cancellation of sports tournaments

Alexka Carrasco 9th

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all been anxious and tense as to what will happen in the next few days, months, and hopefully not, years. It’s truly unbelievable how life flashes right before your eyes. A few months ago we were all partying, having the time of our lives OUTSIDE, personally, even school is missed. 

With all of these sad occurrences because of the coronavirus, there has also been the cancellation and postponement of sports tournaments, games, and other sporting events. Thinking about it, and just everything we could be doing but can’t, it’s just saddening and makes me feel alone more often than not, maybe you guys can relate to it as well. Watching live sports used to be so much fun, you know? Rooting for your favorite team with your friends and family, it was such a great way to bond with them. Many experts have stated that the only way for these sports events to happen is for players to be kept in hotels and for fans and audiences to not attend. 

Globally, according to ESPN, only one of the sports leagues and events has been canceled, XFL, numerous have been postponed, some have changed the dates and the rest remain the same because the date is far and they still have hope. The leagues and events postponed are the NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLS, EPL, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Euro 2020, Copa America, UFC 249, Bellator 242, Wimbledon, European Tour, Open Championship, The Preakness, Tour de France, Summer Games, and World Series of Poker. The rest of the sporting events are in the near future and there is still a possibility of them happening. 

When the time comes and we return back to reality, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, the outside world and our interactions will never be the same. A lot of us will be and some already are scarred and traumatized by this pandemic. Humanity will be nothing like it was before, masks and gloves will be part of our dress code and culture. Many will not be able to go out and feel as safe and free as before. This will truly leave a scar on many.

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