PC VS Consoles: Which is better for gamers?

Juan Abrales 10mo

Back in the day, gaming was recognized for being all about the war between different consoles and different companies. Nintendo and Sega’s legendary conor at the turn of the millennia became the competition between the multi-billion dollar corporations Sony and Microsoft. Moreover, the new decade brought a worthy contender; a player that has changed the way that video games have developed and are being played at the fingers of video game enthusiasts, or gamers, since 2010. Here we’re introduced to the debate between PC VS Consoles, and this would mark the gaming industry forever. 

Thesis: When comparing the two gaming systems most pick them apart based on their specific needs. 


When tackling pricing, most focus on the average hardware of a PC compared to the PS4 and its technology. New consoles and PCs, like the PS4 and the Xbox one, have a variation of prices between $400 and $500, while any PC that stands up against these has an estimated price of $600. However, if discussing used hardware, then that $600 price will lower down to $100. And yes, while consoles are cheaper as well, they only lower to an estimated price between $200 and $300, tying them to new and used hardware systems.

Moving on to another important aspect of pricing is the display. Assuming we are looking to the 1080p quality, a good gaming PC monitor will vary around the $100. And yes, anyone can choose whatever monitor they want for their console, but if they are looking for an appropriate one for the machine they will use, then the price will go around the $200 or higher, giving PCs crush consoles new displays. However, consoles have a significant comeback when comparing displays, since the price lowers to $70 or $80, making them cheaper, but only by a little. Therefore we can conclude that consoles win when it comes to the prices of displays.

In terms of controllers, PCs directly win at the price of $0, since they usually come with a keyboard and a mouse. And if the gamer has to buy it, then it’s usually at most $15 for a Logitech keyboard and mouse set. For consoles, the bundles usually include a controller, but it should be noted that the maximum amount of controllers in a consol is a quadruple. A third-party controller will usually start at the price of $20, meaning PCs win once more.

Membership prices don’t even deserve a mention. A console may charge $20 to $60 dollars for year-long memberships, sounds kinda cheap, right? Well, on the other hand, a PC would cost you 0 dollars and 0 cents in membership prices. It seems PC’s are completely taking the cake in this category.

Finally, the most important factor when it comes to prices, and the real debate; the price of games on each. Now, for physical games, PCs usually do not have many options. Still, it does not give consoles much of an advantage, since when it comes to digital purchasing, consoles find themselves completely outmatched. Steam is widely recognized for its infamous sales, and with competing storefronts such as GOG and Humble Indie Bundle, prices decrease by a lot. But it does not stop there since there are also mod communities, which make modifying games free, giving zed game in some cases, more essence than the original one. Some examples are games like Skyrim or Don’t Starve.

Concluding with the pricing category, we can establish that PC wins by a long shot, leaving consoles at the bottom when it comes to affordability.


We will start off by discussing exclusivity on both PCs and consoles because it is quite simple. For consoles, if you want to play a specific game you need a specific console. For example, if you want to play HALO 5, you need an Xbox. Wanna play Breath of the Wild? Buy a Nintendo Switch. Call of Duty? A PS4. And providers like Steam don’t usually contain many of these games. However, there is something called an emulator, that gives the user access to whatever game they want from any console all in one device, the PC. Its legality depends on the country you’re in. An emulator is a program that reflexes a specific console. For example, having Dolphin in your PC is equal to owning both a Wii and a Gamecube in it. These emulators have ROMs inserted. ROMs are the games that you play through an emulator. This technology is completely free and easy to find online, therefore again PCs hold more advantages.

On a further and more modern topic, the VR market, we have two different extremes. Consoles only offer the PS4 and it comes with limited games. On the other hand, PCs have several options, like the famous Oculus Rift, which are more expensive but include a variety of games, and are of much better quality than consoles. So we have another winner, but for now. This is due to the fact that Sony, the company responsible for the creation of the PS4 and its previous versions, is working on later on expanding its front on this type of technology, so maybe someday they will be able to conquer this category.


To finalize breaking down the two sides of the same coin, we are going to compare and contrast every type of console with a PC.

First of all, backward compatibility, which is being able to play games that used to be exclusive to previous versions of the same console. Both Nintendo and Sony used to hold the advantage but stopped doing so recently with both the Switch and the PS4. The Xbox, however, is the only one who still has backward compatibility, and some games actually have better resolutions on newer consoles, making it preferable in comparison to other consoles. However, as it was formerly stated, the PC has emulation on its side, making it win over the console side once again. Still, if this all came down to Xbox against the PCs, then the Xbox would probably win the category, but its allies Switch and the PS4 stand no chance, making consoles less satisfactory in the long run.

Last but not least, controls on each platform. While consoles have similar controllers, they can be more interactive by putting motions like swinging, shaking or even blowing into them. The controllers themselves are comfortable for hands and have several buttons for each finger so that they each have a function. However, controls are settled by default meaning you cannot modify anything, so you can’t change options to make your hands or fingers more comfortable. But with PCs not only can you change the settings for the keyboard, but you can also connect controls from different consoles in a PC, meaning that anyone can connect control of their personal choice and play with it.

It can be inferred that although consoles have great features and original traits that PCs don’t, PCs provide greater quality to the gamer, at a fair price, making them the winners of this battle.

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