Copa Claro

Alexka Carrasco 9-I

The annual Santo Domingo Copa Claro of Volleyball was carried out in New Horizons School. It began with 40 schools, divided into 10 groups of 4 teams each. The groups are A, B, C, D , E, F, G, I, J. The 7 undefeated teams that were left, based on the 2-0 mark. These teams represent the schools of Santa Teresita, El Ángel, New Horizons Santo Domingo, La Hora de Dios, Serafín de Asís and MIDUHO. On December 8th, the team of the Santa María School, in Santo Domingo, was crowned champion of the Copa Claro for Women’s Volleyball 2019, winning against the Santa Teresita school, winner of last year. It was what I would call an intense, yet great game seeing as how they were usually tied and had us doubting at times. The final game mark was 2-1.

The players awarded for their outstanding skills were: Sarah Cruz of Santa Maria School as the Most Valuable Player; Pearl of Jesus Aybar of Colegio Santa Teresita as Best Attacker; Katherine Peña of Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesús and Yuseiri Ramírez of Santa Teresita School tie as the Best Blockers and Nikaury Valerio of Colegio Renacimiento as Best Server.

Currently, the New Horizons team does not have any volleyball players from the national selection of the Dominican Republic, yet many teams competing had that advantage and in my opinion, it’s somewhat unfair. These are girls trained to compete against the best and do not fit in this, not average, more like a limited category. On November 30th, our team went up against this year’s champion Santa Maria, the team with up to 5 players from the selection, and lost. We congratulate our team for the effort and hard work that they put into volleyball everyday. We lost with sets of 25-22 and 25-21, and let me just add that that is amazing, the fact that we got
so close to winning means a lot.

Most of the teams that were in the finals had at least one selection member, and we had still managed to go up against them with strength. When school teams have these members, it boosts their team’s potential and their opportunity to win significantly. The problem is that by enrolling these girls from the selection to these schools, the opportunities of current students
to obtain a sports scholarship is reduced, giving more opportunities to those of the selection. Our skills will be outshined by theirs and we won’t be recognized. Which is why New Horizons doesn’t give out sports scholarships for students to enroll. The school administration doesn’t see it fair for our opportunities to be reduced.

In conclusion, this year was a successful one for us. We went up against one of the best teams, and even though we didn’t win, I have a feeling we’ll do better next year. We’ll be more prepared and we’re coming stronger. Make sure to support us in our upcoming games!

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