Lux Mundi Debate 2019: New Horizons’ Results

Sydney Joa 9-III

After weeks of research and preparation, New Horizons debaters – both from Santo Domingo and Santiago – were ready to take on Lux Mundi’s third annual debate tournament. Over the weekend of November 22–23, New Horizons had 13 teams competing in the Middle School category, 5 teams competing in the Novice category, and 12 teams competing in the InterVarsity category. In all categories, New Horizons debaters were successful in moving on to eliminatory rounds.

Students debated the resolution “The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms,” giving them insight on current events in the digital world. Students were challenged to look at this topic with a different perspective, as the debate wouldn’t be centered around which “world” is better (pro or con). To have a better understanding of the resolution, it discusses the United States’ use of cyber operations, meaning when the United States employs in its own cyber-attacks on other nations’ cyber networks. The resolution also mentions “benefits outweigh the harms,” suggesting students to focus on whether the amount of benefits of the U.S.’s use of cyber operations exceeds or surpasses the number of harms these operations inflict. Apart from this, debaters were also challenged to put their weighing skills to the test.

For the Middle School category, 12 New Horizons teams were successful in moving on to the Octofinals. Out of those 12 teams, 7 moved on to Quarterfinals. Then, 3 teams consisting of Randolph Vargas & Marcos Rodriguez, Maria Féliz & Mia Rodriguez, and Ricardo Colon & Ethan Cabral, moved on to Semifinals. Finally, Randolph Vargas & Marcos Rodriguez ended up as runners-up to Francesco Sergio & Alejandro Thomas from St. Michael’s School. For the Novice category, 4 New Horizons teams succeeded in moving on to Octofinals. These teams consisted of Hendrik Kelner & Enmanuel Taveras, Daniela Forman & Angel Arias, Pilar Garcia & Arnaldo Tavares, all from Santiago’s campus, and Gianmarco Viñals & Danilo Diaz, from Santo Domingo’s campus. The team of Daniela Forman & Angel Arias succeeded in moving on to Quarterfinals and finishing off as Semifinalists.

For the InterVarsity category, 6 New Horizons teams advanced to Quarterfinals. From Santiago, Alfredo Granados & Rosa Hernandez. From Santo Domingo, José Peña & Eric Ho Sang, Megan Garrido & Maria Taveras, Allana Spears & Jaime Garcia, Vangelly Ortiz & Shannon Garrido, and Laura Aybar & Amanda Gonzalez. Moving on to Semifinals were the following teams: José Peña & Eric Ho Sang, Allana Spears & Jaime Garcia, and Vangelly Ortiz & Shannon Garrido. Finally, José Peña & Eric Ho Sang ended up as runners-up, leaving Vangelly Ortiz & Shannon Garrido as the champions of the InterVarsity category.

These results clearly demonstrate the hard work and dedication that New Horizons debaters put into each and every round. Each tournament gives students a chance to continue improving, learning, and working together as a team. Thus, we encourage you to join!

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