What is it like to be part of the MUN club?

Juan Martin 10-1

Model UN Club is a great environment to meet a lot of new people and develop different public speaking skills while doing fun activities. The New Horizons MUN Club may not be as popular as the Debate Club but it still is a great extracurricular, and I encourage you to join. “Is it worth it?”, you may be asking, and to that I say, it definitely is worth a try.

First of all, what is there to expect in the MUN club? You should be expecting to represent a country, to research a topic or problem in order to present multiple solutions for a resolution to discuss with other delegates. You are then required to write an official document including detailing your solutions. According to a survey I conducted on current MUN members, most people are glad they joined. With the intent of trying out public speaking the MUN club has helped them master it over time. 

A quick warning, though, it is nowhere as similar to debate as people think. Of those surveyed, the highest expectation most had upon joining MUN was that it was similar to debate.

In reality, our delegates often say opposite things like “It’s more casual” or “Way cooler than I expected it to be”. 

You might be concerned about the amount of time required for such a club? About half of our members actually have been participating for about 3 years, a few joining very recently.

But in general, almost all of them also say they do not regret by even a bit entering and participating in the diverse tournaments.

Also, what do people in Model UN like the most about it all that it has to offer?

A lot of these people really enjoy developing their skills, improving as a person, learning about different countries, since topics let us navigate through different parts of history between this country that are actually pretty interesting, unlike some of the World History classes that melt our brain down in just 45 minutes. Some other benefits that are more personal include small details like being able to skip classes to work on the topics of the following tournament, or being able to go to other schools, or even making lots of new friends outside of school. That is why most of our participants love and prefer NH MUN, our own school’s tournament, over others. 

But as everything has a bright side, it also has a dark one. Model UN counts with several people that may be toxic or annoying to work with, making working sessions literal hell sometimes, though they have learned how to stay focused and not losing their grip with them over time.

Let’s move on, shall we? Enough about academic stuff. Something else we all enjoy is the class itself, because of its head members, which I’m going to present. First, the teacher Victor Gomez, part of Phonix 2015, teaches in a very entertaining way by relating UN situations to real-life situations. 

Victor Gomez giving a workshop for CILA 2019 at FUNGLODE

We also count with President Amanda Gonzalez and Vice President Jose Peña. They create a comfortable learning experience, build their student’s confidence while speaking, and ensure that the members are fully prepared for the challenges they will face in upcoming MUN conferences. 

For these reasons, you should definitely give the Model UN club a try, especially if you have been reading up to this point. In case you are interested in going to a class to give it a shot, try it next Monday or Wednesday, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., in the 07-02 classroom.

However, upon joining MUN you will gain so much more to gain than what I have exposed. 

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