Francisco Nogales

Illegal immigration refers to the movement of people into a country through violation of immigration laws of that country or the continued residence without the legal right to remain in that country.

Spain is currently the most tolerant country in terms of African immigration in Europe. But of course, we cannot forget the damage caused to us by Africans, both economically and politically. In Spain, the economy decreases little by little because we have low-prepared immigrants.

Today many people from Africa, most of them from Morocco, are leaving their countries to look for a better life, and end up in Spain. Yes, what is due to the current drought in these countries, poverty, hunger, political instability and the presence of armed terrorist groups. Although the current African immigration is contributing to the sustainability of the Spanish population, seeing as the average Spaniard is 43 years old. 52% of Moroccans are unemployed and driving the economy to a spiral.

Although I think immigration laws in Spain should be changed in order to decrease the number of illegal immigrants, the only way to do so is by advocating and placing pressure on these African countries to do better, nevertheless, this illegal relocation is becoming harmful to Spain. This will better the job sector along with the safety and lawful procedures.

Spain, France, and Great Britain are the countries to which Africans migrate the most.

Normally, Illegal immigrants look up for jobs or a place to be in these countries.

In Spain, there is an organization called Open Arms whose main mission is to protect people trying to reach Europe by fleeing war, persecution or poverty with their presence at sea.  Open Arms was born from a lifeguard and marine rescue company with extensive experience in the Spanish coasts.

In conclusion, we must not turn a blind eye to the situation, we need to stop what is happening today, we have to control immigration at the place of origin and at the place of destination, with this we could control the overpopulation in these European countries.

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