Volleyball, should you join?

Alexka Carrasco 11th

What is it like, being a high school student juggling the challenges of today’s academic requirements and a volleyball player at the same time? Well to me, it has been a troubling journey. New Horizons holds sports at a high standard. They hold annual drafts and tryouts to evaluate your physical stamina, in order to see if you meet that standard for the team. For me, an amateur trying out for her first year, these trials placed an extra amount of pressure.

The tryouts are centered on your volleyball abilities. It made me so nervous and anxious, that sometimes I became distracted during my day to day endeavors. Mind you, I’ve only been practicing volleyball for about 5 months, and I still sometimes feel uneasy. Most of the girls have been practicing for years. So, when I started out I really wanted to do a good job because I hoped to one day be just as talented. I’m naturally competitive and always push myself to excel whatever I set my mind to. Moreover, I had been working on my skills the entire week before the tryouts and what was really freaking me out was serving. I had not learned how to correctly serve yet and all those girls seemed to do it with such ease.

After an excruciating week of waiting, my coach, Marcos Macedo finally broke the news. I got in. It started to feel like my hard work was finally paying off, and soon I started catching up to the other girls.

Nevertheless, volleyball is a challenging sport. It requires a lot of discipline, coordination, and determination. You are expected to always receive and serve correctly. During games and practice, if you don’t pass the ball a lot of weight falls on your shoulders. Because of this, I have become a much more empathetic person, who understands when I’m responsible for someone else or my team.

Personally, I feel extremely guilty when the other team scores a point because of me. You’re not always going to succeed I know that, but it still feels horrible. Our coaches push us to do our best and I appreciate it because it really does help to know they have your best interest in mind. You are expected to do great, and it makes you feel like you can actually do it.

Volleyball sometimes can be the best and worst part of my day. Sometimes I feel stress free like all my worries seem to disappear. Homework? Guys? School in general? Parents? People? We don’t know them. All I know during those two amazing hours is where to receive and where to serve. I won’t lie, some days volleyball just isn’t it. I can’t concentrate, my reflexes are not reacting, my head hurts, my eyes are tired because my day just wasn’t okay in the first place. On top of that, I have to overwork my body and push myself to keep on going. On those types of days, I simply look forward to seeing my very comfortable, fluffy, soft bed. Still, I’d encourage
anyone to try out for a sport, especially young girls like me.

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