New Horizons students take on “La Esquinita”

Leslie De La Cruz Martinez

New Horizons Class of 2020

While working through two 6 hour shifts from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, the 11th grade students had a fundraiser activity for their high school graduation and prom party in three popular restaurants in Santo Domingo. The activity was held on Tuesday, March 19th, the three restaurants were: Trattoria Pizzarelli, Mustards and 3 Mariachis, all located on Calle Federico Geraldino, Piantini. A major point of reference for these food chains is the Referencia Medical Lab located just in front of the establishments. 

The three restaurants had a joint agreement with the students of Class 2020 in which they would both have a reasonable profit from the sales earned on the day’s activity. The arrangement was divided into the percentages of earnings the Class of 2020 would gain, if they raised a certain amount of money as a total in each individual business. The earning percentages differed depending on profit; Trattoria Pizzarelli, Mustard’s and 3 Mariachi are offered a 10%, 15% and lastly a 20% of profit based on the range of income the franchise earned during the event. On the day before the event, the students participated in a training to understand each restaurants system, in which they learned how to clean tables, manage orders, carry the food and beverages, greet and correctly serve the restaurants costumers. As well as, learning each menu and establishment policy. The day of the event, the students were nervous but full of excitement. 

New Horizons Class of 2020

The 75 students were divided into 6 groups for each restaurants, each group worked 6 hours on its assigned restaurant. From midday to late afternoon, the restaurants had a flow of people but they were never completely full. After 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon more and more people started to show, soon it was a full house. The three establishments had families, big groups of friends and couples waiting for their turn to be served by diligent and organized students. Teachers, childhood friends, and even the school’s psychologist and coordinator were present throughout the activity. All of them with the same purpose, to help the Class of 2020 raise enough funds. To finalize the contents of the event, the class made 20% percent profit at Trattoria Pizzarelli and obtained $30,948 pesos of the day’s earnings. In 3 Mariachis, they made 15% percent profit and earned $11,150 pesos. Concurrently, in Mustard’s with a 15% percent profit, they earned $18,162 pesos.

The three establishments combined summed up a total of $60,262 pesos and the tips added a total of $62,000 pesos to the class fund. The approximate total earned by the students in the activity was $122,262 pesos. In conclusion, everything ran smoothly and well-managed. All the customers were happily greeted and respectfully served, all in all, the event can be viewed as a complete success and the New Horizon’s Family couldn’t be prouder of the Class of 2020.

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