The Georgetown Experience

During the last couple months, the New Horizons debate team along with our excellent coach Mr. Arturo Feliz have been non-stop preparing for one of the biggest tournaments of the year, Georgetown. Now, maybe some of you have heard about the tournament shrugging it off without paying much attention, but for a debater, this is one of our only chances to finally test our skills Internationally throughout the year, it is of our ultimate importance. Georgetown University is situated in the United States, Virginia Avenue, Washington D.C. The topic that I along with my partner and around 5 more teams debated was if “The United States should accede in United Nations Law of the Sea”. Its reached a point where all of us can say that hearing the topic itself can bring us to sigh in a feeling between relief and exasperation.

We had left on a Thursday at two in the morning to take our early flight to avoid any problems and by the time we had arrived and all got settled, I can still remember an incredibly crowded room filled with all our debaters and Mr. Feliz. All of us living off of coffee, practicing our cases and well… just panicking for our debates to come. To be completely honest debate is not a piece of cake, it can go in so many different directions depending on how well you know your case, your judges, your stances, its all one big game of chess. I believe that’s why many people get so hooked on debate, it’s addicting after you know how to play correctly. Thankfully our Middle School (MS) debaters did extremely well for their first international debate winning up to 2-3 rounds. In Junior Varsity (JV) we had only three teams and two qualified to eliminatory rounds, one team winning Octafinals and the other Quarterfinals. We can officially say that one of our New Horizons team has reached the highest in Georgetown than any other team in the Dominican Republic, and we couldn’t have been able to do it without the hard effort, and yet again endless cups of coffee, all-nighters, and the most supportive team we always know we can call our family. To end this in custom, we urge you to join our debate team and take part in these experiences.

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