Rose, what the library means to her

Our dear Rose
“Make sure we can still go back to the books” By, Shannon A. Garrido

As simple as a piece of parchment and as thick as hardwood covers, Rose shows us what pages we have been skipping.

Rose Obermier our beloved school librarian, a captivating woman who has allowed us the privilege of having a sit down conversation about her and where her life has taken her.  Rose was born In Frankfurt, Germany where she resided with her parents and her 2 brothers and 5 sisters.  Her parents married young and never received much education. Rose revealed she enjoyed much of her childhood even though there came a time where her environments as she got older became a lot more hostile. Her home life and school life became very strict and as the care free and charismatic person that she is, Rose didn’t conform. She says even though her brothers and sisters have moved all around the world, she loves them very much and misses them terribly. When she graduated high school Rose began to study literature in Germany. One of her sisters decided to move to the U.S and gave Rose the opportunity to do so as well. Once settled into her new life she soon came to realize that the language barrier made it impossible to finish her career in the states. It became clear that her love for literature was slowly being deterred and soon she felt forced to switch mayors and began to pursue a career in Accounting. During these years Rose continued to read and write, she never lost her love for literature. Later on she met her future husband Dominican, Dario Dillon, resulting in her moving to the Dominican Republic a few years later. They had their son Andres together and lived a perfectly normal life, where she worked in an accounting firm and would go home every day to a very her typical home. Accounting wasn’t the life that Rose had intended for herself, the dreams compiled of books and stories still roamed the back of her mind. Until one day she saw an opportunity to go back to her true passion. She began to work at our school library 25 years ago, and Rose expresses that the school was more than welcoming. They treated her like family and for someone whose family is so big and suddenly split apart this was more than just comfort to her. Rose loves her books, her library and the kids she gets to see every day. When she began working in the library her first thought was, “Well back to the books”. At the brink of it all, books are what bring Rose real happiness. She loves the joy it brings young children, she loves how much she is been able to learn and teach through literature. Through the gift of books.

Currently the library is enduring renovations, and while many of us see it fit that even something as classic as a library must be brushed and polished, Rose expresses concern. As someone who has lived such a long and heavy life, she believes some things are better kept untouched. ‘This is a new generation’ She says, ‘and the library is an antique, they want to place a radio, music, art and innovation center but, where are the books going to go?’

What can we do to make it better Rose? Her answer was as clear as day. “Make sure we can still go back to the books”. She went on to explain that like it or not the internet cannot tell you everything books can. We need to remember our beginnings and appreciate how much books have shaped our world today instead of dismissing them for the sake of “progress”. She went on to tell me that ‘a book is value’ and a ‘book is history’. Well our dear Rose, so are you. You have been a beacon of hope to this institution that literature has not been lost and we know you will continuously push for it to live among us all.

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