Caribeñas del New Horizons

today we acknowledge volleyball for the rest of national schools, the country, and new horizons”

By, Shannon A. Garrido

New Horizons is prepared to take the next step into perfecting their female volleyball team and hopefully encourage other talented young girls into pursuing a future in sports or use them to influence their academic future themselves. This past November a conference was held in our school volleyball court were Jose Augusto Castro, president of the Caribeñas Volleyball Club delivered a speech in which he stated that ‘The national women’s volleyball project is an agreement that is being signed today that binds our two teams together to work collaboratively. We will assume the bulldog as the mascot of our team because we understand that New Horizons is an educative center that formulates athletes.”

This is an unprecedented agreement where some educational institutions interested in leading their students towards vast opportunities to pursue sports come together with the first champion team of the Superior Volleyball League (LVS). The contract prompts the Caribeñas use for the schools facilities for their training, while in return help train our own team to perfection and accommodating to the schools name creating a sort of sports emblem for New Horizons that encourages not only their own students but others as well.

Later on, our financial director and coordinator Fauntly Garrido took a moment to detail some of the main standing points that the academy has done in order to forge sports and academics. He mentioned some of the volleyball teams recent achievements like making it to semi-finals in this years ‘Copa Claro’. He also briefly discussed that in the United States only 2% of students receive sports scholarships, while in the Dominican Republic, a total of 98% of students receive sports scholarships. We belong to a privileged group and must use that to our advantage. He expressed with much enthusiasm “today we acknowledge volleyball for the rest of national schools, the country, and new horizons”. A cooperative agreement that places the New Horizons women’s volleyball team in a position of such precedence that soon enough will even be recognized internationally.

Why is this important?

As mentioned by our financial director himself “This alliance goes beyond our volleyball court, which promises a promising future not only for the team but for the entire national women’s team project in the Dominican Republic.” By presenting the educative system with such a union we encourage young women to use sports as a career path and as an academic opportunity to conclude their pre-university studies.

The contract was signed at 11:43 am this November 27, 2018. Big steps are to be made in order to transform women’s volleyball in the Dominican Republic.

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