Thanksgiving Recap: what should we as a student body be thankful for?

By Camille Garcia, 9th grade

Thanksgiving is finally here. A time that many see as another day, and others dedicate it to give thanks for everything and share with the family. On this occasion, Thanksgiving is much more significant and special mainly because unlike last year, we are not confined to our homes; we can share with our friends, family and loved ones. We have finally left e virtuality in the past and hopefully we don’t have to return to it in the near future. Despite the fact that this year in New Horizons the famous fair with international gastronomies could not be held, in which we could invite friends and family. It was canceled, because normally in these fairs, there is a lot of people, and because of Covid it is not prudent to do this. However, we must be grateful that at least this year we did not spend a sad virtual thanksgiving and the fact of going to classes in person is a reason for celebration for all of us. And the truth is that we have to be grateful for many things. Thanksgiving calls us to think about those things that make us thankful to live and for pretty much everything. Hopefully this year people begin to appreciate those little things that mean so much. After a long pandemic full of anguish, insecurity, confinement, estrangement, sadness and loneliness, we have a thousand and one reasons to give thanks.

We as students have many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. First of all, for the most important things, which are family, health, friends and all the positive things in our lives. In previous years, in which Covid did not exist, we would give thanks only for this, but due to the circumstances and the way in which our lives have changed in the last almost two years, we have new reasons to be grateful. For example, in 2019, we might think that it is very rare to give thanks for going back to in-person learning. We would all be in shock and wonder: why give thanks for going to school? And I say this because I know that there are many students who dislike the idea of ​​going to school. Now in 2021, going to school in person is a privilege, a blessing, a feeling of liberation and gratitude. As students, having gone through a whole year of virtual classes, we know how difficult it is and how much we miss face-to-face classes. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.” And it’s sad that we had to learn this in such a radical way. The anxiety that virtual classes caused us was too much. 

We can give thanks for life, for health, which many people in the world lack. For our relatives who are with us, and for the time we spent with those who left us. We can give thanks for our teachers, for the incredible work they did during virtual classes, for all their support, dedication and effort so that we would not stop learning despite the distance. Let us give thanks for our school, which was always there for us and was waiting for us to return. For the fact of being able to study, because the sad reality is that the coronavirus greatly affected society and the economy and many children in the world had to leave school and many had to be changed institutions. Let’s give thanks for our friends, those who stayed with us despite the virtuality, who helped us cope with that feeling of wanting to be in person at school. It is also important to thank our parents, who are always supportive and who were quite flexible with us during virtual times and had a lot of patience with us in having to share a workspace and let our home be our school.

Since we returned to school in August, the school has paid a lot of attention to us so that we could adapt again to face-to-face classes, making us feel very special. Our directors were very detailed and flexible with us, as well as our  teachers and the academic staff in general. We can finally sit at a desk, say “present” without having to activate a microphone, and somewhat being able to return to reality and normal life.. So, as we can see, we as students have many reasons to be grateful and to continue to value those little things that seemed so mundane but vital for us to live life to the fullest together with our friends and family. Bad moments really teach us more than good moments because when we start to miss something is when we realize how privileged we are to have them. With that said, these are all the reasons why we should be grateful and there are many more, each one as a person and in this case as a student, has lived experiences that allow them to identify their own reasons to give thanks.

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