Taylor Swift’s New Re-Recorded Album

By Carla López, 9th Grade

Taylor Swift is an icon. Every single album or song she drops has been trending for the past 10 years. You should know at least one of her songs. “Shake it off”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Blank Space”, “…Ready For It?”, “Look What You Made Me Do” are just some of the many songs that everyone knows. Her two latest albums have in parenthesis “(Taylor’s Version)”. If you are a fan you probably know the reason, but if you don’t you may be totally confused. For many years Taylor worked with a company that practically stole the money received from the singles and albums. Now that she is not working with that company anymore, Taylor decided to re-record her albums that belonged to her management. Until now she has re-recorded 2 albums: Fearless and Red. 

Red (Taylor’s Version) was released on November 12, 2021. It has 30 songs including a new 10-minute version of “All Too Well”. Yes. Taylor Swift did that. She also created a short film as a kind of video clip to that song but I´ll be talking deeper about it later. The album topped iTunes Charts after just a few hours of its release. Lyric videos on YouTube gained thousands of views in just a small amount of time. With this new album, Taylor also made history in Spotify. She broke two records the same day it was released: “The most-streamed album in a day by a female” and “The most streamed female in a day”. On that same day, Taylor had interviews and presentations. At 11:35 p.m., moments before her album came out she was at “The Tonight Show st. Jimmy Fallon”. Then at 12:35 a.m., minutes after Red came out she was at “Late Night with Steve Meyers”. The day after the launch, Taylor was at “Saturday Night Live” where she performed for the first time live the 10-minute version of All Too Well while the film was being shown. 

All Too Well

All Too Well has been talked about by people all around the world since its video came out. The reason is that fans are speculating it is about Jake Gyllenhaal. When they were dating, the age gap was of 10 years, which if you think about it, is a lot. The short film represents their relationship and how Taylor suffered from its toxicity. Fortunately, she’s now free from it. Playing Taylor Swift in the short film is Sadie Sink, and playing who we think is Jake is Dylan O’Brien. Sadie’s and Dylan’s age difference is exactly the same as Taylor and Jake in those years so it is all perfectly planned. 

If you don’t listen to Taylor or don’t know her, go check out her songs because they are amazing. She has the perfect song for every single situation in your life.

Fun Fact: I wrote this while listening to the album! Go stream it 🙂


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