Online Classes vs. Classes In Person

By: Carlota Montás, 9th Grade

Today, we are dealing with the situation of whether we should return to face-to-face classes or whether we should stay in virtual mode for a longer time. To make decisions, we must also listen to the opinion of the students, so I have conducted a survey of the students of New Horizons from grade 9 to grade 12 to know their point of view on this situation, and what they have experienced during the period of time we have been distanced. 

There was a total of 80 students that took the survey: 20 students from 9th grade, 12 students from 10th grade, 21 students from 11th grade, and 27 students from 12th grade. In this survey, I was able to see that the majority of the people enjoyed online classes–exactly 70% of the interviewed–meaning that for the most part, online classes have been beneficial. When asked to rate online classes from 1 to 5, (1 being the worst and 5 being the best) the majority of the students said 3, most likely meaning that the experience they have had with online classes has been average. 

Now, we are faced with a bigger problem: when asked if the interviewed had gotten closer to their friends or separated because of the distance, the majority of the students (65% or 52 students) said that they had felt separated. This is harmful because according to CDC, social distancing can make us feel isolated and lonely, and it can increase our stress and anxiety. The overall effects of stress can be changes in interests, difficulty to concentrate and make decisions, headaches, increase body pain, generate worse mental health conditions, and many

more. We need to take care of ourselves and take time for us to feel better so that we don’t create a negative impact on our lives. Apart from this, it is important to have a person, it might be a friend, a family member, or someone we trust, that we can share our feelings to so that we get to feel understood and we can get to solve our personal situations. 

45 students said that teachers have become more demanding with classes, and 35 students said teachers have not become more demanding. When asked to rate how demanding teachers have become with online classes from 1 to 5, (1 being the least demanding and 5 being the most demanding) the majority of the students answered with a 4, meaning that directly or indirectly, it has affected the students. 

We are faced with a problem that affects the way students are learning in this time since when asked if students think that they are learning more than before, learning the same amount as in the past, or they are learning less than before with virtual classes, the majority of the students interviewed (55% or 44 students) answered by saying that they are learning less than before. This is proof that not everyone learns the same way, and some people need assistance and more explanation to understand several topics. I believe that students should be encouraged to ask any questions to the teachers if they have any doubts so that their learning experience can be better. 

When asked to rate how much each student thinks they have learned with virtual classes from 1 to 5, (1 meaning that they have not learned anything and 5 meaning that they have learned a lot) the majority of the students answered with a 3, meaning that most of them have had an average learning experience. 45 of the students interviewed said that comprehension during online classes has been more difficult than easy. 

Finally, when asked if students are looking forward to going to school in person, 37 students answered no and 43 students answered yes. Overall, when asked in which way students would prefer classes, 45 students chose the option of the hybrid model, 20 students chose the option of online classes, and 15 students answered the option of school in person. 

We can conclude that everybody has their needs and their unique way of learning, so not everyone will comprehend things in the same way. We should take things slowly for us to not create a bigger spreading of the virus, since it will always be important to take care of ourselves and take care of the people we live with. Apart from this, we should always listen to the opinion students have about everything our school plans to do because if we listen to their points of view, we will be able to create programs based on what is better for each student. I believe we should encourage friendship and connections between new people because we can get to feel lonely if we don’t have the support of those that are important in our lives, but also, teachers should be more flexible with students because one never knows what other people are going through, and certain people can feel overwhelmed with the different assignments in school. Finally, we should take care of our mental health and our bodies, because if we don’t, we can end up in a crisis that can be able to destroy us. Remember: you are not in this alone, and there will always be people that will want to help you and support you.


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